TPB-90 Handheld Pneumatic Crusher

TPB-90 Handheld Pneumatic Crusher

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Find a huge selection of TPB-90 Handheld Pneumatic Crusher from China at CMM.

TPB-90 Handheld Pneumatic Crusher is a product developed on the basis of absorbing the technology of TOKU Group in Japan, powered by compressed air. It has the characteristics of high power, high efficiency, and long service life. Widely suitable for crushing and decomposing large, hard, thick materials and ores. It is an ideal tool for construction operations in mines, roads, bridges, and municipal engineering.

As Follows:


TPB-90 Handheld Pneumatic Crusher





Piston diameter


Piston stroke


Impact energy


Impact frequency


Impact power


Air consumption


Shank dimension

1-1/8X6 or 1-1/4X6 in

Air hose I.D


TPB-90 Handheld Pneumatic CrusherTPB-90 Handheld Pneumatic CrusherTPB-90 Handheld Pneumatic CrusherTPB-90 Handheld Pneumatic CrusherTPB-90 Handheld Pneumatic CrusherTPB-90 Handheld Pneumatic Crusher

TPB-90 Handheld Pneumatic Crusher

2) Usage specifications and related technical requirements:
1. The air duct is clean and free of debris; Each connecting part is tightly combined without leakage;
2. Before starting the machine, inject lubricating oil and refuel every 2-3 hours of continuous operation; It is prohibited to use lubricating oils with low ignition points and easy to ignite in high gas environments.
It is recommended to refer to the following table to select lubricating oil:





Machine oil



Machine oil



Refrigeration Oil


3. Strictly follow the operating specifications for operation and use, and wear relevant protective equipment; Pay attention to the damage to the body caused by broken pickaxes.
4. Select spare parts for pickaxes that meet the size requirements;
5. The inner diameter of the gas pipeline is 16mm, and the total length does not exceed 15m; A sufficiently thick steel pipe should be used for connection between the air compressor and the air pipe;
6.The reasonable applicable air pressure of the product is 0.4-0.5Mpa, and low air pressure significantly reduces efficiency; Excessive air pressure reduces the service life of spare parts; Prohibit use above 0.63Mpa.

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