Operating procedures for pneumatic picks


Precautions before work:

1. Check the safety situation of the working face and ensure that the top is met with assistance.

2. Check the air volume and blow out any dirt inside the adhesive duct.

3. Check if the air filter mesh at the rubber hose joint and the fixed steel sleeve of the air pick head are clean.

4. Check if the tail end of the pneumatic pick and the steel sleeve are skewed, and if the gap is appropriate.

5. First, clean the tail of the pneumatic pick, then insert it into the pneumatic pick and fix it with a spring.

Precautions during work:

1. When the air pick continues to be used, it should be refueled at any time. When refueled, it will be poured into the rubber pipe, and the air pick will fall or be compressed to cause injury to people.

2. Pay attention to the looseness and detachment of the air duct joints and connecting pipes at any time, and tighten them in a timely manner. High voltage direct connections must be secured with U-shaped clips, and iron wires cannot replace U-shaped clips.

3. Maintain the integrity of the air duct and prevent it from curling, damaging debris, and other objects that may cause air leakage.

4. The air pick should be avoided from getting stuck in the rock. When inserting the air pick into the rock layer, it must be under the spring of the air pick to prevent the use of the air pick while driving and prying the rock.

5. When the pneumatic pick malfunctions, it should be promptly sent to the machine repair room for replacement or repair, and should not be opened or dissolved arbitrarily at the workplace.

6. When using a pneumatic pick to handle objects such as concrete and rocks, a large amount of dust is generally generated. Operators should wear personal protective equipment such as dust masks and earplugs to reduce harm to the human body.

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