Maintenance and repair of pneumatic picks


matters needing attention

1. Before using the pneumatic pick, lubricate it with oil.

2. When using air picks, there should be no less than 3 backup air picks, and each air pick should not exceed 2.5 hours of continuous working time.

3. During operation, hold the handle of the pick and press it tightly towards the chiseling direction, making the pick firmly press against the drill sleeve.

4. The inner diameter of the selected trachea should be 16mm, and the length should preferably not exceed 12m, ensuring that the inside of the trachea is clean and clean, and that the trachea joint is firmly and reliably connected.

5. During operation, do not insert all the picks into the broken object to prevent air strikes.

6. When the pick is stuck into the titanium lump, do not shake the pneumatic pick forcefully to avoid damage to the body.

7. When operating, choose a reasonable pick and drill bit. Depending on the hardness of the titanium lump, choose different pick and drill bits. The harder the titanium lump, the shorter the pick and drill bit. Pay attention to checking the heating condition of the drill bit tail to prevent the pick and drill bit from getting stuck.

8. When using a pick to drill a rough hole, it is necessary to handle it in a timely manner and do not use a rough pick for operation.

9. Air strikes are strictly prohibited.

Daily maintenance

1. The normal working pressure of the pneumatic pick is 0.5MPa. During normal operation, add lubricating oil every 2 hours. When injecting oil, first remove the gas pipe joint, tilt the air pick, press the handle of the pick, and inject from the connecting pipe.

2. During the use of the pneumatic pick, it should be disassembled at least twice a week, cleaned with clean kerosene, blown dry, and coated with lubricating oil before assembly. When parts are found to be worn or malfunctioning, they should be replaced in a timely manner, and it is strictly prohibited for the pneumatic pick to work with defects.

3. When the cumulative usage time of the gas pick reaches more than 8 hours, the gas pick should be cleaned.

4. When the pneumatic pick is idle for more than a week, it should be lubricated for maintenance.

5. Timely polish the rough chisel.

Equipment maintenance

1. There shall be no less than 3 spare gas picks for the removal process, and no more than 3 gas picks for maintenance.

2. The maintenance time of the pneumatic pick sent for maintenance shall not exceed 2 days.

3. The grinding interval between the use of the pick and drill bit should not exceed 15 days.

4. When the pneumatic pick is scrapped, the average lifespan shall not be less than 100t sponge titanium per piece.

5. The broken chisel should be recycled and the end of the chisel should be polished in a timely manner.

6. Scrapped and unusable air picks should be recycled and stacked uniformly.

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